Micro Mix Concrete Process

We have PLC panel (Process Logic Control with SCADA) through which we feed the exact data of the mixed design on weight basis which enables to mix the raw material within permissible accuracy limit of +/- 2%. Our state of art technology mixes all raw materials proportionately at precise rate and exact weight. This offers consistency in mix and homogeneity of concrete. REAL FMC offers exact water-cement ratio in accordance with the given mixed design throughout the whole process. As the concrete is freshly manufactured on site we do not need any type of retarders to delay the concrete setting time.

Our Mobile Batching Plant has different compartments for

Two Sizes Of “VSI” Aggregates
River Sand And Crushed Sand
Cement Silo
Water Tank
Plasticizer Dispenser

layout styles

Green Concrete

Our concrete is manufactured at site to pour it immediately. This eliminates emission of hazardous gases which generally occur when the manufactured concrete is in transit mode.