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Customized Concrete Support

At REAL FMC, we offer unique MOBILE - MICRO MIX CONCRETE TECHNOLOGY. It is a combination of concrete base plant and transit mixers because of which we can adopt any site condition as per our customer's specific requirement.

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What We Do Differently?

Comparision between FMC and other Concreating


As mobile batching plant stores the necessary components for a concrete mix in separate compartments, the size and specification of a mix can be changed on the fly during the pour.

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Only the concrete that is needed is mixed, eliminating the potential for any wastage of materials.

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Time Limitations

Unlike other methods, there is no time frame within which the concrete must be used after arriving on the site

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Project Size

We are ideal for large projects given the bigger truck capacity & we can load all the raw materials at the pouring site which enables to do large quantity of concrete

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We can store a higher capacity of raw materials as we do not have overflow restriction

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Our concrete is manufactured at site to pour it immediately. This eliminates emission of hazardous gases which generally occur when the manufactured concrete is in transit mode.

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